Please click the logo below to purchase tickets

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CausePilot is the application MOI is using to manage the Gala.    Every ticket holder will have an account in CausePilot for the Gala.   If you attended the Gala last year you already have an account in CausePilot for MOI.

The login for your account is your email address.   If you can’t remember the password setup prior click on “Forgot Password”.   If you are a first-time attendee you will need to set up an account.


If you purchase multiple tickets, you will be asked for attendee information for those tickets.   Until you provide this information additional tickets you purchase will be under your name and email address.


CausePilot is the application MOI uses for the Gala silent and live auctions.    Every attendee is assigned a bidder number within CausePilot.    When an email address is entered for each attendee they will receive an email with auction information when auctions start.

If you need additional assistance please email or call 913-717-5080.

Please mail checks to Miracle of Innocence 13725 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66223