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Our Current Cases

Miracle of Innocence continues to engage with lawyers to help with several cases (four active cases - two clients are still in prison, but two clients are freed, although their cases remain pending and MoI continues to need your support to continue fighting the wrongful prosecution for those clients until those charges are fully resolved for these innocent people. Our efforts and support will continue once they are totally and fully free and exonerated.


Without your help, MoI could not provide the following Exoneree care services (for which state departments of corrections and reentry programs do not assist with), such as: Habitation, Identification, Communication, Transportation, Occupation, Mental health counseling, mentorship, and Food & Clothing. The most frightening outcome of ALL. If you do not help Miracle of Innocence, there’s a potential that an innocent person will face not just wrongful conviction but wrongful execution.

Thanks to your generosity, MoI has helped more than 15 exonerees in Kansas and Missouri. We are always available to speak with any group who invites us to share, so that we can tell the story of MoI's purpose and why MoI needs to keep growing and serving

We are now able to host live events to support our fundraising efforts. However, we are committed to raising funds because these inmates desperately need our help. But we can not do this without you!

To learn more about these cases and how you can help, please email: or call 913-717-5080 Ext. 103.

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Ralph McElroy

Dana Chandler

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Byron Case

Jeff Weinhaus

How to Submit a Case

Miracle of Innocence only accepts cases submitted by US Mail from the inmate. We do not consider or respond to requests received by email or telephone.



Miracle of Innocence, Inc. is an advocacy and investigative organization that considers cases of factual innocence primarily in murder and sexual assault cases carrying Life or Death sentences, but other cases of factual innocence may be considered. We consider a life sentence to be 25 years minimum to serve before parole eligibility. We do not take on accidental death, self-defense cases, or cases where the defendant had any involvement in the crime for which he/she was convicted. We only consider cases in Kansas and Missouri prisons.

How to Write Miracle of Innocence, Inc.

Inmates (only) if you fit the above criteria, send us a letter outlining the facts of your case. Your summary should include the following points:

  1. What you were convicted of? Give a brief description of the crime.

  2. Why were you arrested and taken to trial?

  3. What evidence was used to convict you?

  4. What evidence points toward your innocence?


We do not accept unsolicited documents. We will respond within eight weeks with a letter that clearly states what we want in the way of information and what you can expect from us if we can consider your case.

Inmates (only) must communicate by writing a letter to the address listed below.

Miracle of Innocence, Inc.

13725 Metcalf Ave. #285

Overland Park, KS 66223

PLEASE NOTE:  We firmly insist that no one calls our office -- not yourself, family, or friends. We will not discuss your case with anyone but you and this is done only through written correspondence.

Other Information

It is important that you obtain your trial file and transcripts from your trial lawyer. Your trial file is the file of materials your lawyer had when he or she went to trial with you. The file should contain, police reports, forensic reports, witness statements, and pre-trial motions. It is vital that you obtain this file and transcripts. You will need them to work on your case. It also would be beneficial for you to see what the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA or FOIL) laws are for your state. Submit a request to the various relevant agencies for files relating to your case and the crime for which you were convicted. The prison law library will contain information about how and where to file. 

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