Greetings Friends,

In the past few weeks, protests have erupted across the globe in response to the horrifying and unjust killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man.  As men of color who served a combined 47 years in prison for crimes we didn’t commit, we want to express our sadness and sorrow for the senseless death of this man at the hands of a few police.  That’s why you hear people say, “black lives matter!”    It’s also why we believe the mission of Miracle of Innocence is more urgent and relevant than ever.   Miracle of Innocence is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization aimed at freeing innocent people and providing support to them when they come home regardless of their ethnic origin or identity.
The protest (mostly peaceful) over the past days and weeks is an expression of fear, frustration, pain, and anger many in the community are trying to convey.    We’re against riots of any kind, but we support the civil protest against all forms of police brutality and mistreatment of black people of any kind.
Our children are asking us these hard questions like, “Why do the police hate black people?”  “Are the police going to hurt us?”  “Why didn’t the police let Mr. George Floyd breathe?”   We feel it’s important to share these hard conversations with you because we don’t want our children to fear the police, but they are seeing these images and witnessing these tragedies in real-time. 
It’s our hope and a challenge to us all to build a world of care and compassion for people of color so we will not have to live in fear of being harmed primarily due to the color of our skin.   The people who are marching are young and old, and from all walks of life and that is a sign that we must join together to make this world a better place for our children and their future. 
As exonerated men from communities of color, we feel it’s essential for you to hear a message from us as we seek to speak out about this national tragedy regarding racist practices that have impacted black lives, especially as it relates to the criminal justice system and wrongful convictions.   A disproportionate number of false imprisonments and exonerations are people of color. 
You have shown by your contributions and support that black lives do matter and your donations are the driving force behind our mission to free innocent people (most of whom are poor and black) and provide care for them when they come home.   We want to say thank you for your continued support, donations, and gifts.   Because of your help, we’re working on 4 cases of men and women (black and white clients) who are serving time for crimes they didn’t commit. Thank you so much for supporting Miracle of Innocence.
Darryl Burton and Lamonte McIntyre, Co-founders of Miracle of Innocence



Lamonte McIntyre

Served 23 wrongful years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Exonerated October 13, 2017.

Darryl Burton


Served 24 wrongful years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Exonerated August 29, 2008.

Our Story

Retrial: Free the Innocent

After an assessment and acceptance process, we assist innocent prisoners with referrals for legal representation. 

 We assist with legal resources for case investigation, case development, trial resources, appeals and prisoner representation.

Exoneree Comprehensive Care

We support re-entry of innocent prisoners through referrals and placement for:​

  • housing

  • credentials & identification

  • communication

  • job opportunities

  • education & training

  • life skills & mentorship

  • physical & mental health

  • transportation

Social Justice Education & Advocacy


Our aim is to educate communities about the injustice and needs of innocent prisoners to gain support and advocacy for their release and re-entry success through public speaking events and develop course curriculum.


Our target audiences include international, national and state organizations, churches, schools, universities, and corporations. Course curriculum will be used for continuing education of attorneys, criminal justice students and volunteer training.

Hope & Forgiveness Ministry

Our global message of hope and forgiveness is echoed through this faith based ministry to share Darryl's story with the world through Darryl's speaking engagements, books, and other media.

Learn more about Darryl Burton, our founder, and his personal story of redemption.  Read more...

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