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Our Story

Since July 2017, Miracle of Innocence has helped free four innocent men and women. Miracle of Innocence supports retrials for incarcerated individuals and continuously provides care for the exonerated when they return back into society. State departments of corrections and reentry programs do not have adequate assistance when they are freed. With your help, Miracle of Innocence is able to help provide these individuals with the following care services: habitation, identification, communication, transportation, occupation, mental health counseling, adult mentorship, food, and clothing.

Our Founders

“Miracle Man” Darryl Burton was wrongly convicted of a St. Louis, Missouri, murder in 1984. He was proven innocent and exonerated on August 29, 2008, after serving over 24 years in prison as an innocent man. He emerged with little hope and assistance to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Darryl's miracle story of how he rose out of this pit to become a pastor at the largest United Methodist Church in the US, is the catalyst that founded Miracle of Innocence (MOI), a 501(c)(3) organization "seeking justice and comprehensive care for the innocent." Not satisfied to simply be grateful, Darryl is giving back to help those still behind bars by raising funds and awareness, bringing about change, hope, and forgiveness.

Lamonte McIntyre was wrongfully convicted and spent 23 years in prison for a double homicide. He was released on October 13, 2017. Upon his release, he began fighting for justice and became the voice for others who are wrongfully convicted. In 2018, Lamonte advocated and was successful in passing the first compensation law in the state of Kansas. Because of his case the Kansas City Kansas Police Department started the Conviction Integrity Unit. Lamonte continues to mentor and advocate for justice while providing support not only to those incarcerated but anyone he meets. Lamonte's passion for business has blossomed since his release. In 2018, he graduated from Headlines Barber Academy and later became co-owner. He is the owner of Off The Top Barbershop KC and Olympus Property Management LLC and co-owner of McIntyre's Property Group and Brother's Keeper LLC. Besides freedom, Lamonte's biggest joy comes from being a crusader for Christ, a loving husband, father, son, brother, friend, and life coach. He loves spending time with his family, traveling, and making new memories.


Exoneree Comprehensive Care

Seek to Free the Innocent

After an assessment and acceptance process, we assist innocent prisoners with referrals for legal representation.

We assist with legal resources for case investigation, case development, trial resources, appeals, and prisoner representation.

We support the re-entry of innocent prisoners through referrals and placement for:

  • housing

  • credentials & identification

  • communication

  • job opportunities

  • education & training

  • life skills & mentorship

  • physical & mental health

  • transportation

Social Justice

Education & Advocacy

We aim to educate communities about the injustice of wrongful incarceration and the needs of innocent prisoners.

Through public speaking events, we hope to increase awareness and support for the release and successful re-entry of innocent prisoners. We believe in educating all communities. Our goal is to reach all youths in every way possible. 

Hope and Forgiveness Program

Our global message of peace, hope and forgiveness is echoed through this faith-based program to share our stories with the world through speaking engagements, books, and other media.

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