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Freedom Partners

Bruce and Carolyn Kusmin Charitable Fund

Unity Partners

Dan Flanigan
Debbie Coppola
Donna and Tom Mertz

Terry and John Petersen
Mary and Terrence Putney
Lori Schwilling

Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
The Hughes Family Fund

TradeNet Publishing

Miracle Partners

Clune Family Foundation

Linda and Christoher Iliff
Jane and Bob Krug

United Methodist Church of the Resurrection


Justice Partners

Barbara Allen and Kevin Moriarty

Cindi and Carl Cornwell

CrossFirst Bank

Margot Cutter

Pam and Jim Earnest

Callie and Matthew Emison

Rev. Adam and LaVon Hamilton

Sharon and Rodney Hennig

Husch Blackwell LLP

Joanna and David Iliff

Todd Klapatauskas

Mooney Charitable Trust Fund

Kim and Nikki Newton

Smalley Foundation

UMKC School of Law

Zollers Giving Fund

Friends of Innocence

Sarah and James Ard

Emma Aubrey

Amina and Ahmed Awad

Bernadette and Wayne Barber, II

Chrissie Barfield

Bath & Edmonds, P.A.

Tricia and Tom Bath

Benevity Fund

Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation

Brynn and Franck Brichet

Mary and Chuck Bloom

Nancy Borel

Valerie and Darryl Burton

Donna and Nick Calvert

John Campbell

Jessica Carey

Carhart Family Foundation

Joan and Edward Carhart

Chris Carr

Ronald  Carter

Susan and Jon Cassat

Garmin Ltd.

Janice and Robert Day

Tracey and Andy DeMarea

Karen and Douglas Downing

Dunn Family Foundation

Shanelle and Rev. DA Mark Dupree

Melissa and Matt Earnest

Jason Fernandez

Katie and Greg Finkle

Christine and Ron Finn

Allison and Tim Fisher

BJ Martin and Ron Fugate

Gerean Rudnick and Nat and Jean Robin Fund

The Gepford Law Group

Mary Louise Gibson

C.N. Gordon

Gayle Gotcher

Cathy and Bill Graham

William & Kathryn Harris Charitable Fund

Ann and Mike Hays

Susan and Rick Held

Jordan Hendrix

Judy and Ken Hensley

Bruce and Bill Hopkins

Denise Howard and Mark Kistler

Ann and Andrew Iliff

Corliss and Joe Jacobs

Mary V. Jameson

Charles and Diane Jansen Family Foundation

Kay Johnson and Bill Koenigsdorf

Johnson Family Charitable Fund

Pamella Myerson and Wayne Kerns

Lauro Law Firm

Diane Lenz-Shanley and Jim Shanley

Kathleen and Richard Lenz

Long Family Foundation

Susie Unruh and William Mangum

Cathy and Terry Matlack

Mary Maughn and Walt McKenzie

Kay and Tim McCarthy

Corisha and Lamonte McIntyre

Meg Means and William Bergerson

Cherie and John Miles

Pam and Rick Mitchell

Marsha Monica

Miracle of Innocence Band

Yvette and Leo Morton, IV

Georgianna and Lenny Mullin

Robin and Dr. Jay Murphy

Network for Good

Suzan and Ron Olson

Patrick & Barbara Patterson Charitable Foundation

Rachel and Curtis Petersen

Michelle and Steve Peterson

Reinhardt Family Charitable Fund

Julie Robinson

Gerean Rudnick and Nat and Jean Robin Fund

Margi and Matt Rusten

Ryan Family Charitable Gift Fund

Trial Lawyers College

Roberta and Bill Schutte

Virginia Sewing

Diane & Stuart Sharp Charitable Fund

Martha and Rusty Smith

Nanette and Doug Smith

Abiya and Dwain Stilson

Barbara and Richard Stoppelman

United Way of Greater Kansas City

Susan and Tom Ventura

Constance Ward

Welch Lantz Charity

Brenda and Dr. Barry Wood

Dick & Mary Linna Woods Fund

Penny Zadeh and Bob Haefele


In-Kind Partners

Beebe Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

Dr. Kara Braudis

Christmas in October

Church of the Resurrection

Envant Creative

Andrew Kurtz

Ryan L. Ross, CPA, PA

Satori Counseling Services
Tom Bradley Photography
TradeNet Publishing Inc


Donor Recognition

(as of 11/19/2021)

Martin Abramowitz

Donna and David Ackerman

Joye Alberts

Melody and David Aldrich

Mary and Bill Allen

Patricia Allen

Ryan Allenbrand

Felicia Ambus

Diana and Terry Amerine

Buelah and Dennis Apple

Paul Arnhold

Patti Aspenleiter

Marcella Atkins

Richard Atlas

David Austin

Kathy Austin

Thomas Bamford

Jerry Banaka

Paula Bandt

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Darlene A. Bard

Aaron Barnhart

Patricia Bartholome

Roxann and Brian Beach

Rev. Cheryl Bell

Kim Benjamin

Carol Besselievre

Anne and Scott Bethune

Amy and Jason Bible

Julie and Todd Bickel

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Cora Blackwell

Anne and Bill Blessing

Beth Blue

Lana and Tom Bohanon

Carly and Ben Boothe

Debbie and Rod Bosma

Cinda Bowers

Christy and Tom Bradley

JoDenise Bradley-Crawford

David Branstetter

Roosevelt Braxton

Nicole Briggs

Linda Briscoe

Dawn Brown

Teresa Brown

Thomas Buck

Cynthia and Bill Bundshuh

Karen Arnold-Burger and Kurt Burger

Paul Burmaster

Cathleen Burnett

Burns & McDonnell Foundation Matching Gift Fund

Tiffany and Ben Burton

Rachel Byers

Mark Callanan

Larry Campbell

Matt Campbell

JoAnn Caporizzo

Jennifer Carlsen

Kaye Summers and Danny Carpenter 

Gina Cavanagh

Janice and Ray Chandler

Audra and Brian Clark

Matthew Clark

Katherine and Nicholas Clevenger

Jeffrey Clinger

Karen and Delbert Coin

Don Conlee

Diane and Steve Conley

Barb and Terril Cook

COR Morningstar/ABC Sunday School Class

Mindy Corporon

Renee Courtney

Shauna Woody-Coussens and Greg Coussens

James Crabtree

Criss Family Charitable

Evelyn and Gordon Criswell

V. Lynne Daise

Vicki Daise

Jeri-Lynn and Brian Dale

Kelly Dale

Thomas Davenport

Don Davidson

Carol Davis

Hazel Davis

Marlene DeBruyn

Linda and James Demis

Megan Detherage

Richard Dickerson

Adrienne and Erik Dickinson

Marie DiMenna

Susan Dimick

Donoho Appraisals

Rev. Louis Dorn

Lynne Douglas

Kelly Driscoll

Elizabeth Duff

Marcus Eagan

Emily Eblen

Hailey Eckroth

Anne and Robb Edmonds

Tim Ehinger

Eric Ellen

Ginnelle Elliott

Penny and William Ellwood

Jeri Ericson

Tara Fields

Bob & Donna Fischgrund Foundation

JoAnne Floerchinger

Alisa and Bill Ford

Stephen Franano

Angie and Tony Frizzo

Betse Gage

Marilyn Gairns

Gary Gamso

Tyrana Garner

Martin Garrison

Patricia and Bill Gay

Anne Geisler

Mary Beth and Jimmy Gentry

Melissa Gepford

Cathy and Henry Giessen, Jr.

Erlene Goff-Lewis

Carolyn Gooden

Suzanne and George Gordon

GPM Foundation

Shirley and Steve Griffith

Chad Guendelsberger

Cathy Haggard

Shakil Haider

Danielle Hamilton Slate

Linda Hammontree

Linda Hamtil

Linda Harper

David and Susan Harris Family Foundation

Susan and David Harris

Mark Hartman

Kelly and Clark Hay

Sheila Hayward

Thomas Heathcote

Jeannie and Scott Hern

JoAnn Herron

Jill Hershberger

Ruth Higginbotham

Lauren Higgins

Irma and William Hirsch

Steven Hohe

Cindy Holscher

Ester L. Holzendorf

Patricia Hoover

Peggy and Dane Hopkins

Wanda K. Hopkins

Denise Howard

Howe Family Fund

Kay Hudson

Karen Hughey

David Hughson

Kimberly Hunter

Julia and Theodore Iliff

Verdella Inskeep

Barbara Isaacson

Pam Ismert

Monica Jacobs

Beverly Jaderborg

Anne Jans

Margaret and Mark Jansen

Patricia and Michael Jefferies

Kimberly Jewett

William John

Ann Johnson

Clifton Johnson

Linda and Rodney Johnson

Julie Johnston

Beverly and Steve Johnston

Kimberly Jones

Dr. Steve Joyce

Ann and Jerry Joyner

Julienne Kaslaitis

Ani and Nick Kaufmann Mamisashvili

Robin Kelby

Michelle Keller

Bruce Keplinger

Jeanne and Jan Kessinger

Kay and Alan Kimes

Elisha Kirkpatrick

Krista Klaus

Mary Klosterman

Carla and Kelly Kohler

John Kolze

Andrew Kurtz

Peggy and Dave Kurtz

Daniel Kusmin

Daniel and Dennis Lambert

Lindi and Jeff Lambert

Etiam Lawson

Carla and William Leavitt

Patricia Lee

Gerald Lewis

Matthew Locke

Jane Long

Chuck Lyman

Trish and Rod Mack

Mann Family Fund

John Marietta

Marsha Martin

Yulonda Massaquoi

Joyce and Marty McCollum

Kirra and Arthel McDaniel, III

Jayna McFarland

Rhonda McGown

Mindi and Joseph McKenna

Patrick McLain

Leslie McMillin

Olivia McNair

Barbi and Robert McNay

Michelle Mebius

Doug Mersmann

Michael Middleton

Janet and Jim Milkovich

Brenda Miller

Desiree and David Miller

Kari Miller

Wandra Minor

Katrina Minor Roberson

Cindy and Steve Minshull

Angie and Drew Mitrisin

MMC Corp Foundation

Sharyll Modschiedler

Sara and Terry Moody

Ruth Morris

Leo Morton, III

John Mullin

Greg Musil

National Charity League

Rhonda and Barry Nelson

New Friends of KC

Sharon and Jon Newcomb

Reed Nelson

Ann Null

Melissa Oeffner

Diane and Jim Oliver

Ardell and Richard Oliver

Syed Omar

Stacy Overman

Lillie Anne and Chester Owens

Christina Pacheco

Karen and Jeff Page

Dawn Palmer

Wendy and Larry Palmer

Dr. Peter Park

Mary Parks

Ann Parr

Jackie and Don Pellow

Cynthia and Tiger Pennington

Lana  Petersen

Cheryl Pilate and Gordon Atcheson

Evelyn and Daniel Pitts

Susan Polistina-Wright and Richard Wright

Sandra and Marneal Porter

Don Presson

Vicki Price

Proof Inc.

Veronica and Gary Pruitt

Marjorie Pryor

Debbie Psihountas

Christopher Quinn

Carolyn Rapp and Randall Wood

Fiana and Ginger Reddick

Esther Redelsheimer

Linda Redfern

Bonita Reeves

Laine and Michael Retherford

Retired Clergy of All Faiths

Mari Reynolds

Margaret Richards

Tammie Richardson

Cathy and Byron Roberson

Linda Roser

Claire Hopps and John Roth

Sid Rothenberg

Beverly Roy

Jennifer Rundall

Saint Andrew Christian Church

Saint Paul School of Theology

Heather and Roger Samuel

Sarah Schaaf

Sharon Schick

Mark Schlicht

Gary Schmidt

Donna Schneweis

Debby Schreier

Schwab Charitable

Sharon Rawson-Secor and Richard Secor, Jr.

Jackie and Henry W. Sewing, II

Penny and Vernon Shand

Emily Sharp

Pattie Shaw

Nancy and Tom Shawver

Anne and Michael Sheehan

Deanne Sheets

Anne and Brian Shields

John Shively

Gisele Shore

Cynthia Short

Christine Sill-Rogers and Charlie Rogers

Kathryn Siska

Amy and Curt Skoog

Roxy Smalls

Laurie Smith

Leanne and Mark Smith

Terry and Robert Smith

Jackie Snyder and Ken Gibson

Diane Southard

Dwight Stanford

Pam Starks

Mary Steelman

Blake Sterger

Beverly and Robert Stewart

Linda Stinnett

Ariana Stone

Robyn Stoy

Helen Stukenberg

Carol Swift

Melissa Testrake

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Sarah Thelen

William Thompson

Carol and David Tinklepaugh

Dr. Michaelle Tobin

Betsy and Tim Triplett

Sharon Turek

Nancy and Dave Turnbull

Melissa Turpen

Kristin and Jeff Tyson

Eileen and Keen Umbehr

Susie Uppman

Seth Valerius

Myrna and Will Vatnsdal

Gail Vessels

Krista and Jason Votruba

Tyler Wallkenshaw

Jackie Walter

Kim and Richard Walter, II

William Walters

Linda Ward

Lee Ellen Washington

Kathleen Wayland

Pamela Weber

Ajamy Webster

Richard Wetzler

Ellen and Dave White

Barbara Whiteside

Kim and Stephen Wilhoite

Dr. Carmlletta Williams

Marilynn and Jim Williams

Nancy and Stanley Woodworth

Lois and Dale Wright


Yedlin Associates

Darla Zajack

If you donated to Miracle of Innocence and your name is not listed, please forgive us, and email Your gift is very important
to our mission and you should be properly recognized for your gift.