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Darryl Burton, President

Lamonte McIntyre, Vice President


  • ​Valerie Burton, Program Director

  • Tyler Curtis, Donor Development Consultant

  • Susan Saeedy, Accountant

Board of Directors

  • Darryl Burton, President Co-Founder

  • Lamonte McIntyre, Vice President Co-Founder

  • Maren Chaloupka, Civil Rights & Criminal Attorney 

  • Thomas Davenport, Jr., Professor, Attorney, Trial Lawyer

  • Michael S. Glazier, Attorney, NCAA

  • Milton Grimes, Nationally-acclaimed Civil Rights Attorney

  • Krista Klaus, Director of Global Corporate Communications, Garmin

  • John Lauro, Trial Attorney, Lauro Law Firm FL & NY

  • Sean O'Brien, Professor UMKC School of Law

  • Edward Robertson III, Attorney, Civil Litigation

  • Cynthia Short, Trial Attorney, Mitigation Specialist, Sentencing Advocate

Research Team

  • Darryl Burton, Co-Founder

  • Linda Briscoe, Research Team Leader

  • Dale Jacobs, Case Developer Consultant

  • Jane Long, Case Developer

  • Joyce McCollum, Case Developer

  • Dennis Morgan, Case Developer

  • Susan Morgan. Case Developer

  • Carolyn Rapp, Case Developer

  • Edward Robertson, Attorney at Law


Letters of Hope Team

  • Ruth Higginbotham

  • Susan Welch

  • Glory Toney

Regional Volunteers

(Exoneree Services)


  • JoDenise Bradley, St. Louis

  • Victoria Carthen, St. Louis


Volunteer Staff

  • Collin Ainsworth, Social Media Director

  • Lexandria Green, Volunteer Exoneree Support

  • Linda Johnson, Treasurer & Bookkeeper

  • Katherine Miles, Volunteer Support

  • Sue Polistina-Wright, Auction Support

  • Susan Saeedy, Accontant

  • Lisa Shunk,  MOI Admin Support
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