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Visit the Miracle of Innocence 2018-2019 Gallery


2019 Free the Innocent Gala Auction/Photos


All Photos taken by Tom Bradley Photography

Special Thanks to all of you, for your time, support and dedication to help free the innocent from prison and provide care when they came home.

To all Donors & Volunteers, your gift and time is greatly appreciated.   

Attending Exonerees

Exoneree Band

Raymond Towler (29 years), Lee Day (12 years), Ted Bradford (10 years), Eddie Lowery (22 years), William (Bil) Dillon (10 years)


The Savannah 3

Dominic Lucci (26 years), Kenneth Gardiner (26 years) Mark Jones (26 years)

Rick Walker (12 years), Johnny Briscoe (24 years) Lamonte McIntyre (23 years), Darryl Burton (24 years) Reginald Griffin (24 years), Aaron Salter (15 years),

Joe Amrine (17 years)

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Miracle of Innocence Board of Directors


Christopher C. Iliff, JD Executive Director


John Petersen, Polsinelli Law Firm


Founder Darryl A. Burton

Co-Founder Lamonte McIntyre

Co-Founder Bruce Kusmin, Mariner Wealth Advisors 

John Cousins, Esq. Attorney/Case Investigator Centurion Inc.

 Valerie Burton, Executive Assistant

Mary Putney Accountant, Board Treasurer

Milton Grimes, Esq. Civil Rights Attorney

Terrence Putney, CPA, Transition Advisors,

Tom Mertz, Tradenet Publishing


Free the Innocent 2019 Gala Staff

Honorary Chair/Auction Tom & Donna Mertz

Auction Director Sue Polistina

Volunteer Gala Chair Virginia Sewing

Fundraising Director Brian Dale

Volunteer Coordinator Patty Miller

Program Director Valerie Burton

Media/Public Relations Debbie Coppola


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