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Miracle of Innocence Speakers


Miracle of Innocence seeks to educate the public and raise awareness about the issues of wrongful convictions, systemic racism and disparities in the criminal justice system. 


MOI's exonerated speakers are willing to share their personal stories about their wrongful convictions and many years they served in prison for crimes they did not commit. MOI's legal professionals will talk about the difficulties, legal hurdles and challenges that must be overcome before a judge or court will entertain claims of actual and factual innocence.


​Email the following information to or telephone 913-717-5080 Ext. 102.

​Person of Contact (POC)

  1. Name and location of institution for speaking engagement.

  2. Name of person of contact requesting speakers.


​Additional Information

  1. Identify platform for speaking engagement (i.e., indicate whether it's a single, multiple speakers or panel discussion format).  

  2. Date and time of speaking engagement.

  3. Format and length of time for speaking event.


All donations will be matched to support exonerees and MOI's mission.

For further information contact


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