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A Second Chance with Hope Faith Ministries

by Valerie Burton|Media News|May 28, 2018

Darryl Burton, MOI Founder, joins the Board of Directors of Hope Faith Ministries. Recently Fox4 KCTV interviewed Darryl Burton about his new affiliation with Hope Faith Ministries. Watch the video here.

“[I’m] just trying to do the will of God and to help those who are hurting,” said Burton.

It’s a mission he takes to heart, especially after all he’s been through. “I was arrested wrongfully in St. Louis and sent to prison for almost 25 years as an innocent man, and I was finally exonerated,” Burton explained.

Since his release in 2008, Burton has gotten married, had kids, graduated from seminary school, become a pastor and has touched countless lives. He has been invited to share his story with audiences across the world. Now, Burton will get to impact even more people through a new role he’s accepted in Kansas City. Burton has recently been appointed to serve on the Hope Faith Ministries board of directors.

“As we were looking at expanding our board this past year, looking at various skill sets that we wanted to have on the board, we decided that we wanted to have a pastor on our board,” said Sandra Ratterman, Executive Director for Hope Faith Ministries.

Hope Faith ministries is a Kansas City-based nonprofit that provides many services to the homeless including free meals, clothes and medical services. According to the organizations website it’s Kansas City’s only collaborative day center for men, women and children.

In 2017, Hope Faith ministries served almost 6,000 different people. Recently program directors have doubled the size of it’s board from 8 to 16 members, with Pastor Burton being the most recent addition.

“One of our members suggested reaching out to Darryl, they’ve heard his testimony and it’s incredibly powerful and we thought he might be a great fit,” Ratterman explained.

Pastor Burton will help with the organizations program committee and preach to the clients once a month.

“Some of those folks have experience with the criminal justice system so I can connect with people from that perspective, and being part of the board as someone from the religious community I think this is something that the faith community is about,” said Burton.

Burton will remain working as an associate pastor at Church of the Resurrection, while also serving on the board for Hope Faith Ministries. He says his goal in his ministry and as a board member, is simple.

“Just give them hope. For me an acronym for HOPE is: Hold On. Pain Ends. This is just what I’m called to do,” said Burton.

Pastor Burton has also started his own non-profit. an organization called The Miracle of Innocence. The organization’s mission is to seek justice and provide comprehensive care for the innocent. They’ll provide referral services for the wrongfully convicted and help with re-entry back into society once clients are proven innocent. He hopes to have this organization up and running officially by September 1, 2018.

Fox4 KCTV News Reporter at Hopefaith Ministries.


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