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Darryl's New Truck Surprise in 2010

After spending 24 years wrongfully in prison for a crime he did not commit. Darryl was exonerated on August 29, 2008, with no housing, or transportation. Six months, later. Darryl Burton was surprised with a new truck after being released from prison as an innocent man! Brian McCallister and attorney friends gifted Darryl a truck so he could start his life again. (2010). Humble beginnings: Darryl traveled in this truck worldwide sharing his story and started the Miracle of Innocence organization in 2017. Visit to DONATE & learn more FREEDOM & CARE for the wrongly convicted and incarcerated innocent men and women in prison. Why? When you are innocent for a crime you did not commit in Missouri there is NOTHING in place for you to rebuild your life! This is why Darryl founded Miracle of Innocence. To help those with basic needs and resources to help regain their life back into society. Join us! #Miracleofinnocence #nonprofit #thanksgiving


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