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Honoring our front line Volunteer Heroes, throughout the year!

by Valerie Burton|Media News|May 1, 2021

Serving decades in prison for a crime you did not commit is hard! For exonerees, picking up the pieces of your shattered life is a little easier thanks to Sis. Teena Haynes of MCCB Transitions Inc. and CCM.

Anytime an exoneree needs help in St. Louis, Mo., Sis. Teena is ready to lend a hand. That's exactly what she did for Larry Callanan, released after serving 24 years for a murder which he did not commit. When Ralph McElroy came home, 33 years after being wrongly convicted of murder. And again, for Johnny Briscoe, who was released after being wrongly incarcerated 23 years for sexual assault.

Thanks to Sis. Teena and MCCB, these exonerees all drove away with food, personal items, and home furnishings. But the thing that will stay with them forever is her SMILE which is just as big as her HEART!

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