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Volunteer Appreciation for St. Louis Regional support

Today, we recognize Victoria Carthen and JoDenise Crawford, St. Louis Regional Volunteers for helping exonerees when they come home.

For most exonerees, coming home is joyful and frightening at the same time. For years or decades, they have only been controlled by the prison system. They are told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Therefore, inmates no longer know how to make decisions on their own.

The world as they remember it, before prison, no longer exists. Life outside the prison walls is overwhelming and that's why Victoria and JoDenise are so important. They help exonerees embrace their newfound freedom by showing patience and guidance as they shop for personal items like clothing and what type of toothpaste or deodorant to buy.

We THANK YOU for lending a helping hand when it's needed the most!


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